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Come join us for some fun in the dirt and volunteer for a day of trail maintenance!  We have been helping the Austin Ridge Riders with trail maintenance since 2019 at Walnut Creek and Brushy Creek. Putting in over 200 hours so far, we are proud of all the amazing trails and features the Austin Onewheel Club has helped to build. 

Volunteering at one of our local trail maintenance events is a fantastic way to get involved. Come join us for a little fun working in the dirt, building and tweaking the trails we all love to ride!  You’ll not only learn about trail building, but you’ll also be working alongside members of the Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Group.  The Austin Ridge Riders are in charge of managing the trails throughout the Austin area.  They have expressed their appreciation for our hard work, and recognize our light impact on the trail system.  Our presence helps build community and shows that we are invested in a common cause.  The Onewheel has proven to be a valuable trail tool for building trails.  Shuttling water buckets and packing down fresh berms are two ways that the Onewheel makes building trails more efficient.  And nothing feels better than riding the new feature after you helped build it!  Your work becomes a permanent feature of the park!

No experience is necessary, and parents are welcome to bring their kids and show them what volunteer work is all about.  So what are you waiting for? Come out and meet some fellow dirt surfers and then join us for a ride on the cool features we helped to build.

Here is a list and description of the various tasks we perform at most events:

  • Trimming limbs that extend into the trails
  • Digging dirt to build new berms and rollers
  • Collect water for firming up the dirt
  • Using a wheel barrow to move dirt
  • Using a hand saw to cut up downed trees
  • Using a rake to move top soil and leaves
  • Riding our onewheels over the new feature to pack it down 

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